October 27th – “Treehouse of Horror XXIV” (S25E02)


24-1This spooky version of the standard HD-era opening has some decent visual gags, but like the XXIII opening, it goes on for way too long–three minutes again. I wonder if this is a consistent creative choice or a result of the extra ad break in the later seasons. Still, some of the jokes–like Bart’s chalkboard writing being interrupted by Stephen King’s Jack Torrance-ing–hit hard.

Oh, the Places You’ll D’oh!

24-2Springfield takes on the style of Dr. Seuss as “the Fat in the Hat” (Homer) leads Bart and Lisa on one bizarre, rhyming adventure.

At least I can say this: while the quality of Treehouse episodes may be wavering, the writers are becoming more and more high-concept with their ideas. Oh, the Places You’ll D’oh! is written entirely (save for a line or two) in rhyme, and you can see dedication in the commitment to the Seuss style (both lyrically and visually). But once again, the jokes aren’t really there (example: the image above) and there’s too much mean-spiritedness for me to give this one a thumbs up. Also, a more dedicated writer would have composed this paragraph in rhyme. Oh well, I’m in Hell.

Dead and Shoulders

24-3A kite-flying accident leaves Bart decapitated, and so his head is sewn to Lisa’s body. Hey, this sounds familiar.

I’ve only got one thing to say: Dead and Shoulders just makes me wish we could’ve gotten a full segment of the Homer-and-Burns-sewn-together joke, written by prime Simpsons writers. This story is fine, but only serves to remind me of what we could have had.

Freaks, No Geeks

24-4This visually-striking segment puts the cast into an old-timey circus setting: Marge as an acrobat in love with Homer the strongman, and a number of others (namely, Moe) as freaks. A surprisingly-complex plot by Homer to kill Moe for his valuable ring leads to a freak uprising.

Mirroring the previous year, XXIV’s final segment is leaps and bounds ahead of its first two. Freaks, No Geeks combines an awesome look with a solid story and jokes, while parodying a creepy classic instead of whatever movie happened to be popular in 2013. Check this one out, especially if you’re a fan of Freaks.

Overall Thoughts:

My reviews may not have come off as glowing, but I’m gonna say it: give this one a look. Oh the Places You’ll Doh! is visually memorable, Freaks, No Geeks is solid all-around, and Dead and Shoulders is inoffensive filler. Treehouse XXIV didn’t blow my mind, but I found it much more deserving of a watch than the previous few Halloween episodes.


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